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Prof. Vera Meyer in conversation with BIOTOPIA Founding Director Prof. Michael John Gorman about fungi as the material of the future, innovation at the intersection of science and art, and the founding of the SciArt collective MY-CO-X.

More information and registration at:


2021 // www.biooekonomie.de: Interview and "Die Pilzprophetin” podcast

Vera Meyer was interviewed about her work as a biotechnologist and artist as part of a www.biooekonomie.de series on bio-pioneers. “As a biotechnologist, she researches the growth and metabolic potential of fungi, while allowing their transformative power to inspire the sculptures and images she creates as an artist. Meyer’s work is driven by her vision of a world where everyday life is shaped by fungi used to produce agents, construction materials, furniture, and even clothing. Make sure not to miss her video interview as well as her appearance on the podcast where she speaks with Oliver Päßler. Both interviews can also be found on our Press page (quick access 2021).

2021 // Book "Mind the Fungi" is available now


The new year has hardly started, but the first fungal gem is already waiting for us: the book Mind the Fungi has been published! As an online version, it is already available since December 15, 2020. Since January, you can also acquire a printed version in the TU webshop. The book reports on the bundling of the creativity engines science and art and how a living triad of science, art and society can be forged from this. A creative triad, which over a period of two years has jointly committed itself to the utopia of enabling a synthesis of sustainable economy, healthy environment and a just society. The project Mind the Fungi was a Citizen Science research project (2018 – 2020), which was intended to provide citizens with an opportunity for scientific collaboration. On the one hand, the project was intended to give a broad public an understanding of the importance of fungal biotechnology for a sustainable future and, on the other hand, to establish a research network here at the TU Berlin, in which, among other things, novel fungus-based biomaterials were to be researched with Citizen Scientists.


2020 // Vera Meyer nominated at the Falling Walls Conference

Great news! Vera Meyer is nominated as a finalist at this year's Falling Walls Conference in the category „Science in the Arts“. For more info about how she breaks existing walls with the help of biotechnology and art, check out the corresponding short interview. We keep our fingers crossed!

2020 // Our summer trip to the woods of Brandenburg


2020 // Video docu of Theresa Schubert's artwork at Futurium

During a residency within 'Mind the Fungi', a research project by our department and Art Laboratory Berlin, the artist Theresa Schubert focussed on the influence of sound on fungal hyphae growth. For this purpose, she sonicated growing mycelium of arboreal mushrooms with frequencies of 80 - 440 Hertz and documented the growth behaviour. In cooperation with Sage Jenson, this resulted in an impressive and interactive simulation of the growing mycelium, which can be seen at Futurium since July 2020 as part of the Mind the Fungi exhibition. Have a look at Sound for Fungi. Homage to Indeterminancy. Or even better: go to the Futurium and play with it yourself!

Find more great fungal art on Instagram at #mindthefungi.

2020 // White paper published: Growing a circular economy with fungal biotechnology


How will we be able to feed the growing world population without causing widespread environmental damage? How can we stop using petroleum and still be able to manufacture chemical industry products? How can we significantly contribute to meeting the sustainability goals for 2030 defined by the United Nations? Our white paper published in April on the basis of the think tank "Eurofung" (speaker: Vera Meyer) as well as the associated joint press release by the TU Berlin and the TU Munich „How fungi are becoming the future“ give potential answers to these urgent questions.

In 2020, the research year of bioeconomy in Germany, this also hit the media's nerves. We thus hope that the media will report about the role of fungi in nature and in a future circular economy: how does life on earth work since fungi are in the game? How can we recover platform chemicals, plastics, enzymes, medication, materials and others from fungi? How do we fight fungal infections in- and outside of hospitals? Stay tuned!

2020 // Exhibition of Vera Meyer's art projects at the degewo-Galerie Remise


The degewo-Galerie Remise will show a selection of Vera Meyer's artworks from January 23 - February 14, 2020. Please feel cordially invited to join the vernissage on January 22, 2020 at 7 pm! More info can also be found on https://www.instagram.com/v.meer_/?hl=de und http://www.v-meer.de. Check it out!


2019 // Three Professors from TU Berlin selected as new members of the National Academy of Science and Engineering

Vera Meyer was selected to become a member of the National Academy of Science and Engineering (acatech)! Get more info here (sorry, German only):



2019 // Vera Meyer at the Open Lab Night in the FUTURIUM


On December 5, 2019, Vera Meyer will talk about our project "Mind the fungi" at the Open Lab Night at the FUTURIUM Berlin. In total, four speakers are invited to talk about Citizen Science, followed by a panel discussion. The session starts at 5 pm, don't miss!


2019 // Citizen Science Workshop of the btS


Our department collaborates with the life sience student initiative btS Berlin to organize a citizen science workshop including a vernissage in January 2020. Topics will include the exploration of the human microbiome by means of bacteriography as well as art with fungal composite materials.

More information about the btS Berlin can be found here: https://bts-ev.de/berlin/

2019 // Our project "Mind the Fungi" in the FUTURIUM


Our project "Mind the Fungi" is presented in the FUTURIUM! Until December 2020, we will be there with changing material. All relevant details can be found here or at https://futurium.de/de/feature-art-lab#geheimnisvolle-allesk%C3%B6nner.

Also read more at http://www.artlaboratory-berlin.org/html/de-Mind-the-Fungi.htm

2019 // Our summer trip to Potsdam


2019 // Soup & Science: About the beauty of mould


On 20th of August, Vera Meyer talked about the beauty and usefulness of mould at the Soup & Science programm featured by Inforadio (rbb) and the Technologiestiftung Berlin. The conversation was broadcasted on 25th of August 2019 at 9:45 am and 1:45 pm. Just klick on the photo to hear the podcast or watch the teaser in our menu "Research" (it is in German, though).

2019 // Exhibition of the current greenlab project at Kunsthochschule Weißensee


In the course of the open house presentation on 6th and 7th of July 2019, interested people could visit the Kunsthochschule Weißensee to take a look at the current greenlab projects. Some of these projects were performed in collaboration with our biotechnology students and were supervised by our department.




2019 // Long Night of Science


The Long Night of Science on 15th of June 2019 was a full success! More than 808 visitors came to the house of biotechnology and process engineering, surpassing all expectations. With this result, we are ranked among the top 10 of the TU Berlin!

2019 // Art exhibition at our department


Many of us are not only fond of science, but also fond of arts!

From May 13th until July 12th 2019, our department shows selected art pieces made by Charlotte Steiniger and Bertram Schmidt - two postdocs of our group - to celebrate the interplay of science and art.

Vernissage: Mo, May 13th 2019, 6 - 9 pm

until 2018

2016 // Former Science Slams about our research

  • 27.04.2016 25-jährige Jubiläum IHO, Hamburg
  • 17.05.2016 Messe Labvolution/Biotechnica, Hannover
  • 19.05.2016 Heimathafen Neukölln, Berlin
  • 16.06.2016 Messe IdeenExpo, Hannover (Finale) http://www.ideenexpo.de/​
  • 24.06.2017 Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften TU Audimax


Corrado, scientist in our Department, won the 13. Zürcher Science Slam in November 2016 (see the pics for some impression of the evening). The winner was decided among eight participants by the audience of around 400 guests by plebiscite, as commonly due in science slams. Science slams are a unique occasion to bring a “hard” scientific topic to a broader audience during an informal “participative” evening (usually in a club) in an entertaining way. For more information about the science-communication format, please follow the article recently published in the open access journal Fungal Biology and Biotechnology (“Let microorganisms do the talking, let us talk more about microorganisms”).



Open-Access-Journal Fungal Biology and Biotechnology (@FBBiotech)

Microbiology and Germany: http://www.vaam.de/

Microbe of the year: http://www.mikrobe-des-jahres.de/

Annual meetings VAAM: http://www.vaam-kongress.de/

Microbiology on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vaam.de



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