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Welcome at the Dept. Applied and Molecular Microbiology


Head of the department is Prof. Dr. Vera Meyer. Biological systems are complex and hence, only a multi-scale view – i.e. the combination of knowledge on cellular and molecular biology with biophysical modelling and statistical / computational tools - will help to understand and predict the behavior of cells. Life sciences are thus currently moving from descriptive, qualitative sciences to predictive, quantitative sciences. Systems biology – i.e. the tight-linking of experiment and modelling and a multi-disciplinary collaboration with mathematicians, physicians, chemists, engineers, statisticians and biologists are the key to success. The research topics of the Department Applied and Molecular Microbiology focus on fungal biotechnology with main emphasis on (i) understanding the morphogenetic program of filamentous fungi, (ii) the elucidation of the mode of action of antifungal compounds and (iii) the development of new molecular tools and genetic engineering strategies for filamentous fungi. The tool box at the department which has been established and is employed includes molecular and genetic state-of-the art techniques, genomics, transcriptomics, synthetic biology, bioprocess engineering, microscopy and bioinformatics.One final goal is the design and engineering of fungal organisms with new characteristics using highly sophisticated genetic and synthetic biology tools to produce bioactive products such as proteins, enzymes and secondary metabolites. The other driving force is the development of new antifungal strategies for medicine and agricultur.    


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